Algerian Gorilla fish

What is Algerian gorilla fish and is it real?

On 16 April 2023, an individual on social media posted a fascinating image depicting a man proudly holding a sizable fish that possessed a distinctive characteristic – its head bore a striking resemblance to that of a gorilla. The accompanying caption read, “Caught in Carli Bay today.”

This strange and big creature called an Algerian gorilla fish has become really popular on social media. A lot of people on social media are trying to figure out if this Algerian Gorilla fish is a real thing or just something made up. Many people think it’s not a real creature.

This image was uploaded from the Instagram account of therealtarzann named Mike Holston. He is an animal handler living in Los Angeles California. The image has got more than 328,000 likes. The description of the Algerian gorilla fish was:

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Check out this amazing picture of the Algerian gorilla fish! This big guy is a grown-up male, usually reaching 3-4 feet. He’s been chowing down on baby whales this winter and has grown to his full size. These fish lay 34 eggs on land and turn bright red during mating season to attract females. They travel in groups only in September when El Niño is at its strongest. These fish can live up to 13 years, but if they’re circumcised, they can live up to 48 years!

What’s this animal called?— Naija (@Naija_PR) April 17, 2023

This social media post has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook too grabbing the attention of people worldwide. Yet, various sources have debunked the story. According to some reports, the creator likely combined images of a seal, a coelacanth, and a gorilla to invent the unusual Algerian gorilla fish, which isn’t a real creature. Just by looking at the photo shared by Mike Holston, it’s evident that the image has been altered using Photoshop. The man in the picture appears to be holding the fish casually, without wrapping his arms around it as one would with a larger catch, suggesting that the image has been manipulated.

Some interesting comments by people on Instagram are:

Keithwallace305: The pic is AI smh. There is an entire page on Facebook with AI pics like this. This exact once come from there. They posted it about two weeks ago. Lol not saying the fish is a fake but this 🥷 didn’t catch it lol.

Krazismurf: Why does this fish look like he swims around calling himself an Alpha Male whilst telling all female fishes they need body surgery in order to be a dime. He probably also tells the female fishes what would qualify them as wifey material even though his own mother was never married. His diet of Hennessy and lemon pepper wings contributed to his alpha male figure.

Dannydicerte: The Gorilla fish can equally breathe and function as efficiently in both the sea and on Land. Out of the 34 eggs laid on land, almost HALF are born with fins AND arms, however due to the genetics of this rare creature and abnormalities, offspring tend to die in the first week. This is said to be due to their underdeveloped respiratory system as a result of having to live with reptile characteristics, whilst with the biological make up of a half mammal half fish. Sightings have become extremely rare since Namor returned to govern over his distant relatives of the sea and land.


The Algerian Gorilla Fish is not real and only a made-up story. The picture that went viral turned out to be fake, altered to deceive people. It was shared by well-known accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and then it got a lot of attention with thousands of views and likes.

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