Is Opium bird a real creature or fake?

The Internet has indeed created a lot of buzz about Opium Bird or Erosion Bird nowadays. All these started after a TikTok user by the name of @drevfx posted amazing pictures and videos of a snowy bird. This creator also boasted about finding this creature in the mountains of Antarctica. The post was dated 12-September 2023 which created confusion and buzz among people giving 1 million+ views to user @drevfx. Many people were so terrified that they started searching Google for the “Opium bird Antarctica”.

What is an Opium Bird?

It is a thin 20-foot-tall humanoid creature with a long white flowing yeti robe and a long white beak bird stork mask. This “bird-like being” also has a long white beak, and long flowing plumage, sitting on a snow-covered Siberian Mountain or snowy plateau. Basically this tall creature gives the impression of an apex animal in people’s minds. Its big eyes, sharp claws, and elongated beak undeniably created a feeling of fascination among the public.

The Opium Bird has both human-like and bird-like features, making us feel uneasy about things that look like something we know but are a bit strange. It’s twice as tall as a human, making it seem like a powerful and dominating creature. Its sharp talons and beak add to the scary image. The mystery of how and why the Opium Bird exists makes us curious to solve the puzzle and encourages us to guess about its origins.

The opium bird has become a fascinating internet phenomenon because of certain factors, especially in the digital age. The way it can be easily shared and spread online makes it even more interesting. Its basic idea is just perfect for gaining popularity and keeping people interested on the internet.

Is this bird real or fake?

The bird is discovered in the cold and isolated Antarctic Mountains, making the story of finding it more mysterious and dangerous. The Opium Bird seems like it could be real, making us wonder what other amazing and unreal things might still be out there in the world.

Opium bird
Image source: TikTok @drevfx

But in reality, this is a fake post. The name of the TikTok username @drevfx itself is the first hint. Dre is the VFX artist who created this mysterious creature using AI. The second hint is the hashtags he used while posting the image like “#aiart” and “#deepfake”. The third reason for this opium bird to be fake is that no sightings or physical evidence have been found related to this creature. The fourth and final clue is high-quality poses which indicate staging or scripted photoshop.

Opium bird meme

On Sept 12, 2023, the content creator did not assign any name to this peculiar avian entity. The presentation of the video followed a style reminiscent of SCP, a popular online genre focused on fictional supernatural or paranormal objects and creatures. Within TikTok, @Drevfx shared multiple computer-generated bird-like figures, suggesting a discovery of such beings within the vast and chilling expanse of the Antarctic Mountain range.

Where to find its costume?

On September 14th, 2023 @Drevfx again continued to captivate the online audience with another TikTok post of these AI-generated birds. It was during this video that the “Opium Birds” name was given to these digital creations. The impact was significant, with this particular TikTok amassing an impressive over 300,000 likes and garnering a staggering 1.2 million views within a mere two-week span.

The rapid rise to popularity only added to the enigmatic aura surrounding the Opium Birds. The imaginative world which @Drevfx had unleashed started to turn into outfit merchandise. I particularly came across Opium Bird costumes on Etsy! There’s a range of choices, from fur suits and sweatshirts to paintings and mugs. You can check out the prices, shipping options, as well as ratings and reviews from customers who’ve purchased Opium Bird costumes on Etsy here. I hope this information helps you discover what you’re searching for!

Opium bird luh calm fit

“The internet meme has gained widespread recognition under the catchphrase ‘luh calm fit’. This is a term that originated when the Opium Bird creator acknowledged it in response to queries from TikTok users.

The exact origins of this phrase remain shrouded in mystery, adding an element of intrigue to its popularity. Notably, platforms such as Know Your Meme and Urban Dictionary attribute the emergence of ‘luh calm fit’ to the creative contributions of TikTok users.

This viral phenomenon seems to encapsulate a certain casual and effortless style that transcends specific clothing choices. The meme has sparked curiosity and speculation within online communities, further fuelling its appeal as users continue to engage with and interpret its meaning.”

Opium bird 2027

Opium Bird has many names such as Erosion Bird, Meme from 2027, or 2027 Bird. It is a picture made by a computer of a big bird-like creature on a snowy mountain.

They started calling it Opium Bird because its fur coat looked like the style of clothes that rappers from the Opium record label wore. Lots of videos of the Erosion Bird had the words “Calm Luh Fit” in the caption.

This playful and imaginative digital creation turned into a viral sensation, creating a unique and light-hearted cultural moment within the online community. The Erosion Bird, with its blend of artificial intelligence, creative expression, and cultural references, became a symbol of the internet’s capacity to shape and redefine contemporary trends.

Why opium bird is associated with the year 2027? The source of this is unknown but possibly the trend started from people’s comments in social media. Some Reddit users commented on the video as a meme from the year 2027. Later many other YouTube channels shared Dre’s video about the popular bird, calling it a 2027 meme. But it’s not clear why people are talking about this particular year. Some think it might be chosen randomly to suggest future events.

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