50 interesting animal facts

50 interesting animal facts to know about from nature

Nature is full of fun, interesting, weird, cool, crazy, strange, and amazing animal facts. We have made a list of 50 interesting animal facts that can be surprising, fascinating, horrifying as well as unbelievable at the same time.

1. Baby Elephant requires 7 gallons(26.5 ltr) of milk every day

Baby elephant animal facts

Did you know these elephant facts? Baby elephants can weigh up to 150 pounds during birth and grow about 4 pounds a day on a diet of their mother’s milk. To feed her baby 7 gallons of milk mother has to eat 110 pounds of grass daily.

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2. Dung beetles: Pull weights 1,141x heavier than their own body weight

Did you know these cool animal facts? Dung beetle is the strongest insect and they are also called the world’s strongest animal. In comparison with human strength, this would be like a 68 kg person pulling 80 tons which is quite impossible. Isn’t this a fascinating animal fact?

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3. Glass sponges are the longest-living animals on earth(15,000 yrs)

Image source: Glass sponges by NOAA Photo Library, available under license Attribution (CC BY 2.0) at Flickr

Did you know these interesting animal facts? Glass sponges are animals, not plants which are found in the deep ocean. These creatures are amazing filters, a single glass sponge reef can filter enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in just 60 seconds.

4. Lyre Bird from Australia is the best mimic artist in the world

Video source: Superb Lyrebird by Khor Harn Sheng, available under license Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) on Youtube

Did you know these bird facts? Lyrebirds have been known to imitate the sounds of chainsaws, car alarms, dogs barking, music, ringtones, other bird’s voices, and even human voice. This bird mimics its environment’s sounds, especially with such skill and accuracy, therefore building a spectacular symphony.

5. Scorpions can hold their breath for up to even 6 days

Did you know these interesting things about animals? Scorpions have modified lungs, which are known as book lungs which allow them to hold their breath for so long. They can even hold their breath underwater for freaking 2 days. What unbelievable animal facts is this?

6. Fowler’s Toad scream sounds like a human baby crying-“waaaaaa,waaaaaa”

Video source: Bullfrog Crying Like a Baby! by Fishing GrubbZ available under license Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) at Youtube

The wailing scream of this Fowler toad can last from 3 to 5 seconds. But don’t even think of patting them since they have skin secretion which is toxic in nature causing nausea and vomiting. This is an undeniably fun animal facts for humans.

7. Peacock mantis shrimp can punch 50 times faster than we can blink

Image source: Cédric PéneauCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know these cool animal facts? Its striking speed has been recorded as the world’s fastest which is 82.8 km/h. The force generated by the Peacock mantis shrimp punch is devastating 8,000 G. This force is fast enough to rip water apart generating extreme power and heat underwater.

8. Mola mola is the world’s heavyweight egg producer -300 million eggs

Image source: Mola-Mola by Toby Keller, available under license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 at Flickr

A single ocean Mola mola can lay over 300 million eggs over a spawning season. There are also other amazing animal facts about these animals, this sunfish is also the world’s heaviest bony fish(5000 pounds).

9. Only a Pin-Point amount (2 micrograms) of Golden frog poison can kill 10 Humans

Image source: Praschaya KaushikCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The golden poison frog produces deadly alkaloid batrachotoxins inside their skin glands as a defense mechanism which contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice. It is one of the most poisonous animals on Earth; if its poison enters your blood, you’ll be dead in under 10 minutes.

 10. Fire ants can build a raft with the help of their bodies in the water

Video source: Fire ants forming escape rafts by The Company of Biologists available under license Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) at Youtube

Brazilian fire ants deal with a flood by hooking their legs and mouths together. By creating a raft they float until the flood subsides for many weeks and save their Queen by carrying her on the top.

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11. Blue Dragon or blue sea slug recycles its prey venom for defense 

Image source: Sylke Rohrlach from SydneyCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blue sea slug isn’t venomous at all however it stores stinging cells of the venomous prey on which it feeds and injects them into other prey for hunting. Besides recycling venom it also has camouflage abilities.

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12. Mice and rats are genetically similar to humans(funny animal facts)

About 95% of lab research animals in the world are mice and rats. They are chosen due to their anatomical, physiological, and genetic similarity to the human species. The advantages of mice include small size, short life cycle, and easier maintenance.

13. A Bearded vulture’s diet consists of 90 percent bone(crazy animal facts)

Image source: Francesco Veronesi from ItalyCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know these bird facts? These species of vultures ignore the meat portion of the carcasses, giving more preference to the bone marrow. This bird throws the larger bones from a height onto the rocky slopes of a mountain in order to break them.

14. Ostrich can kill a lion with a single blow(terrifying wild facts)

Did you know these bird facts? Ostrich legs are so powerful that they produce a power of 2000 psi in a single kick which is three times more powerful than an advanced-level boxer punch(776 psi). Their kick is combined with a slash attack which can easily cut open any creature’s gut on the floor.

15. Green Anaconda is the most heavyweight snake in the world-over 500 pounds

Image source: MKAMPISCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Green Anaconda is the second longest snake in the world which can measure up to 30 ft but has the largest girth of about 1.11 meters and can more than 227kgs. This monstrous snake is so big and heavy that its main habitat is near aquatic life such as rivers, swamps, and marshes because swimming is much easier than crawling with a huge body on land.

16. California millipede is the leggiest insect in the world about 750 legs(creepy natural facts)

Millipedes mostly chew leaves and decaying vegetation by grinding mouthparts. This creature also has body hairs that secrete silk, which is thought to be extremely rare in San Francisco.

17. Swallow-tail butterfly larvae disguise themselves as bird droppings(weird animal facts)

Image source: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarrenCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They do this perfectly by holding their body shape similar to dropping and resting on the leaf without a single movement to avoid getting eaten by a predator. By doing this Swallow-tail butterfly larvae look unappetizing and disgust predators from swallowing them.

18. Blue whale’s only tongue weight is equal to 7 adult Grizzly bear

Did you know these whale facts? Since they are the largest animals their tongues can weigh 2,500 kg and their body can weigh up to 1,80,000 kilograms. In comparison, grizzly bear weight is merely 350 Kg.

19. Nile Crocodile bite force is more than 40x stronger than an adult human

Image source: Nile Crocodile by Bernard DUPONT, available under license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 at Flickr

Nile Crocodile has the highest recorded bite force ever which is 5000 PSI. A grown human has a bite force of merely 120-140 PSI.

20. Giant Chinese stick insect can be as long as a Golden Retriever dog 

Image source: Bernard DUPONT from FRANCECC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to Guinness World Records a species of stick insect that was discovered in China in 2016, was measuring 25.2 inches(2.1 ft). Stick insects are neither aggressive nor venomous since they are simple peace-loving vegetarians who like to keep things private.

21. Only half of the tiger cubs survive in jungle

tiger facts

Did you know these tiger facts? Tiger cubs are born blind, and only a few make it. They can’t see, so they rely on their mom’s scent. Because they can’t see and are slow, many die from hunger or cold.

22. Dolphins never chew their food despite having 104 teeth

Did you know these dolphin facts? The teeth are permanent i.e only one set of teeth for life. Still, dolphins swallow their food whole because they have no muscle in their jaws, only using their teeth to catch their food. Isn’t this a strange animal facts?

23. Barn owls fly with pin-drop silence(cool animal facts)

Did you know these bird facts? Even with six hypersensitive microphones, the Barn Owl produced virtually no sound. They have large wings relative to their body size, and that allows them to fly damn slowly.

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 24. Recluse spider silk is five times stronger than steel

Image source: Brown Recluse by Mike Keeling, available under license CC BY-ND 2.0 at Flickr

Research says that this spider silk is several times tougher than Kevlar which is used in Bulletproof vests. Each thread consists of thousands of tiny loops that open up when force is applied, which is a kind of buffer zone that prevents the whole thread from breaking.

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25. Peahen approves good-looking males only for mating.

Did you know these bird facts? The more large and colorful is peacock’s tail more the peahen would be interested in choosing him. Those peacocks get to mate more frequently and have more offspring who will inherit the genes for the long and colorful tail of their father.

26. Mosquitoes kill nearly 1 million humans every year

Did you know these weird animal facts? Mosquitoes is without any hesitation the most dangerous insect in the world. They spread diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Zika, yellow fever, West Nile, Chikungunya, and Lymphatic filariasis, thus killing more humans than any other creature in the world. This is clearly a horrifying animal facts because they live nearly close to us.

27. Green sea turtles can lay 4x more eggs than a chicken in a lifetime

Image source: RobertoCostaPintoCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Female green turtles may lay up to 1,900 to 2,300 eggs. On the contrary, a chicken can lay only 600 eggs in its lifetime.

28. Maleo birds hatch their eggs using volcanoes only

Image source: Maleo bird by massmatt, available under license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 at Flickr

Did you know these bird facts? Maleo birds do not build big nests, nor do they participate in incubating their eggs. Maleo pair both look for areas of volcanic soil which is heated by natural geothermal activities, then dig a 1-meter deep hole for the female to lay one very large egg and cover the egg with sand before leaving it. Isn’t this a very risky animal facts?

29. Cuvier’s beaked whale can dive for more than 2hrs in one breath

Video source: Cuvier’s beaked whale by The Company of Biologists available under license Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) at Youtube

Did you know these mammal facts? This deepest-diving marine mammal is the champion of diving. In one breath these mammals have reached the astonishing depth of 3000 meters.

30. Horses bare their teeth to express emotions 

Did you know these horse facts? Horses show their teeth for being happy, upset, or even in pain. They also clack their teeth when they are surrounded by unfamiliar people, horses, or surroundings.

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31. Supermum possums can carry 8-10 babies on their back at a time

Image source: Possum with babies crossing street by Kipp Teague, available under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 at Flickr

Did you know these amazing possum facts? Female possum gives birth to 18 to 25 babies in a litter but only less than half survives. Babies climb on their mother’s backs and learn important skills of survival, such as finding food and avoiding predators.

32. Giraffes have 32 teeth just like humans

Did you know these giraffe facts? But they don’t have any upper front teeth. Most of their teeth are molars which are positioned in the back of their mouth for grinding leaves and twigs.

33. No Polar bears in Antarctica

Did you know these polar bear facts? Antarctica is the only continent in the world that has no terrestrial mammals. Only marine wildlife and birds, including penguins, are present there.

34. Hummingbird lays the world’s smallest bird egg(0.7 cm)

Image source: FriederbluemleCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know these bird facts? The smallest bird in the world gives the smallest egg in the smallest nest in the world. Hummingbird egg size is 0.275 inches long and weighs only 0.0009 ounces almost the size of a coffee bean.

35. Bald eagle’s eyesight is 8x better than that of human beings.

Did you know these bird facts? Bald eagle’s vision gets a significant boost from the nerve density in the retina at the back of the eye. They have five times more nerves than a human does, which helps the eyes to transfer more detailed pictures to the brain for processing.

36. The queen termite is the longest-living insect on Earth(100 yrs)

Image source: CSIROCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen of eastern subterranean termites in the United States can live up to 30 years. Some African species of termites can live up to 50 years. Scientists have even found termites upwards of 100 years old.

37. Colossal Squid whose own weight is 600 kg requires only 300g of food per day

Image source: Mgiganteus1CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An average human burns 2500 calories per day. Colossal squid lurks in depths of 2000 meters and is called the largest invertebrate in the world. The metabolic rate of the colossal squid is so low that they only burn only 45 calories per day.

38. Lions can go without food for 1 week or more

Did you know these lion facts? Lions are usually hungry every 3-4 days. When food is scarce, they can go without eating for over a week. They might eat smaller animals like rodents or reptiles if they can’t find big prey.

39. Alaskan wood frog can stay frozen for 8 months in a year

Image source: DDauri Daniel D’AuriaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This biological miracle is done by Alaskan wood frogs by turning two-thirds of their body water into ice. Their heart stops beating along with the blood flow in their body which seems as dead. However, once winter stops and warmer weather begins their body hop back to life.

40. Cleaner wrasses are the best cleaning units for ocean

Image source: Richard LingCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fish suffering from bloodsucking parasites which attach themselves to the fish’s gills and skin are getting eaten by this small cleaner. Cleaner wrasses set up a cleaning station that provides a valuable service to big predatory fishes and cleans the inside of their mouths.

41. Horned lizard shoots blood from his eyes to avoid getting eaten by Dogs

Image source: Short-horned Lizard by USFWS Mountain-Prairie, available under license Attribution (CC BY 2.0) at Flickr

Their blood contains formic acid which they acquire from the diet of harvester ants that causes an unfavorable reaction that discourages further munching by the dog family. This Mexican species of Horned lizard can shoot up to a distance of 3 feet.

42. Jesus Christ lizard can run on water- Green basilisk lizard 

Video source: Basilisk Lizard Running on Water by PLOS Media, available under license Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) on Youtube

Basilisk lizards do this holy magic with their long toes, tails, and hind legs. They hit the water in a bicycling motion with so much force that they create an air pocket while running on their hind legs helping them to stay afloat. Here the tail of the lizard acts as a counterweight.

43. 90% of the species of birds are one partner believer

Did you know these bird facts? Species of eagles, vultures, cranes, penguins, swans, etc are found to be monogamous birds. Species of sparrow, wren, blackbird, turkey, etc are examples of polygamous.

44. Komodo dragon bite wound can’t stop bleeding at all

Image source: Charles J. Sharp CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Komodo dragon have venom glands, which have toxins that give hypotension(lower blood pressure) and cause anticoagulation (the inability to stop bleeding) which prevent blood clotting and induce shock into prey later resulting in death. Komodo dragons have large, serrated teeth which they use to rip open the flesh of their prey making the job much easier.

45. Koalas only awake for 2-6 hrs a day

Did you know these koala facts? Koalas are one of the laziest creatures on earth spending 18-22 hrs of sleep. They rarely even go for drinking water, getting all their water from eating eucalyptus leaves.

46. Butterflies have taste buds on feet 200 times stronger than humans

When a female butterfly lands on a leaf she checks for toxins that could harm its offspring and then decides whether it is safe to lay her eggs or not. It also helps them to decide if the plant is edible or not.

47. Mourning geckos have no male species 

Image by: Connor LongCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mourning geckos are ‘parthenogenetic’ in nature, which means they can produce babies without males. Many other species in the world have shown this behavior which includes algae, some bees, water fleas, mud snails, and the Komodo dragon.

48. The great white shark can smell a blood-drop from 1 mile(1.6km) away

Did you know these great white shark facts? Great white sharks can smell blood from afar but that doesn’t mean they decide to attack their prey. Even though there’s just a 1 in 3.7 million chance of a person being killed by a shark, still people are so fearful of these predators that many myths have developed about them.

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49. Geese have spiky tongues and bill

Did you know these bird facts? Geese’ spiky ridges make it easier to hold a struggling insect that’s trying to get away. Their serrated bill is also helpful for cutting stems and threshing grain. Geese tongues have serrated edges for filtering water and crosswise bumps also help to grip the vegetation.

50. Pigs can’t look at the skies(funny animal facts)

Did you know these pigs facts? The anatomy of the muscles of the neck and spine restricts the movement of the head, so Pigs can’t look up completely.

We hereby conclude our list of 50 Amazing animal facts to know about from nature. Hope you liked it.

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