10 small but strong animals

10 small but strong animals to blow your mind

Our planet Earth is filled with small strong animals which can shame deadly animals like lions & elephants. Human thinks of themselves as the most powerful species but they are wrong. There is a world where species are far smaller than humans but way more dangerous, deadly, and powerful than they ever imagine or achieve. It’s vital to remember that little animals in the animal realm can be just as powerful as larger ones, even though size frequently attracts attention and admiration.

Small but strong animals

Strong small animals posses extraordinary abilities like strength, speed and venom which gives them extra edge over larger predators. Ants who’s size ranges in mere millimeters can lift up to 20 times its own body weight. Box jellyfish are small but powerful animals who is armed with tiny poisonous nematocysts darts lethal enough to kill an elephant in just one sting. Similarly, peregrine falcon is one of the fastest animals on Earth that flies at an incredible speed of 390 km/h despite its size. These species are living proof that nature’s most dangerous and powerful beings come in the smallest packages. Here, we have introduced a list of 10 species that are small but strong animals of planet Earth.

10. Ants- Can survive falling from Burj Khalifa or even an Airplane

Image Source: Pexels, Image by: SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS.

The terminal velocity of an ant is about 6.4 km/h which is different from the terminal velocity of a human about 200 km/h. A terminal velocity is actually proportional to the mass-to-area ratio, which basically means the area of your shadow that would make on the ground. Since the ant has a small body mass-to-area ratio.

Thus it doesn’t have a very high terminal velocity as it falls. While landing these strong land animals might feel the shock of impact but still, this powerful animal will be alive. Ants also posses herculean strength who are able to carry 5000 times its own body weight. Isn’t this a amazing animal with unusual superpowers. This is one of the most powerful animal in the world in the field of vision.

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9. Dragonfly-Has ultimate vision of about 30,000 lenses per compound eye

Image Source: Pexels, Image by: Wang Teck Heng.

Each compound eye of a Dragonfly is equipped with 30,000 telescope-shaped ommatidia lenses. And each one of them collects light from the direction it is pointed giving them a nearly 360-degree field of view. They have two large compound eyes with 20,000+ lenses each and also have three individual simple eyes(no lens) on their heads separate from the compound eyes. With their supervision, their brain is capable of detecting and processing movement within 1/300th of a second.

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8. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird-Can flap their wings at 200 wingbeats per second

Hummingbird is capable of flying upside-down, forward, and even backward making them the only birds on the planet to do so. These strong animals are really very small, only 3 inches in size and their heart can incredibly beat 1200 times a minute. Their wings are flexible and flap in a figure-of-eight pattern dozens of times per second. These species have to eat every 10-15 minutes and have to visit 1,000-2,000 flowers each day.

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7. Spittle bug-High jump champion which can jump 100 times its own height

Image Source: SyrioCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Spittle bug are strong small animals whose length is merely 1.3mm can leap up to 70 centimeters in height. This fact is equivalent to an average-sized man jumping over a 210-meter-tall building. Resilin is a stretchy protein found in the wing hinges of spittlebugs combined with a hard cuticle that is stiff enough; when bent to absorb all the muscle energy, retaining all the tension that will power the jump of these bugs.

6. Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle- Clift up 850 times their own bodyweight

Image Source: 投稿者自身, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The above fact is similar to a Human having the strength to lift a 65 Ton object, which is quite impossible. Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle are small but packed with powerful muscles and have a size of 2 to 3 inches long without their horns. The horn of this strong creature is 4 inches long and is an indicator of the physical health of the beetle.  The fight between the mating rivals continues until one of the beetles is injured, retreats are left upside down or is thrown from the branch of the tree.

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5. Peacock mantis shrimp- Punching speed is 50x faster than we can blink our eyes

Peacock mantis shrimp are found in water habitats in the Indian and Pacific oceans and grow merely 18 cm in length The force generated by its punch is devastating 8,000 G which is fast enough to smash its victim shells with the force of a . 22 caliber bullet.  This cool strong animals holds a Guinness world record for the world’s fastest punch which is 82.8 km/h(23m/s).

4. Golden poison frog- the poison of two table salt grains size is enough to kill you

Image Source: Praschaya KaushikCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

It is a true fact about the Golden poison frog that a milligram amount of its poison can kill a human in under 10 minutes. These strong wild animals has the most toxic venom Batrachotoxin comes from the skin glands of these tiny creatures. Batrachotoxin venom leaves the muscles in an inactive state of contraction, which can lead to heart failure, paralysis, and even death. 1 milligram of poison is enough to kill two African bull elephants or up to 20,000 mice.

3. Dung beetle- Can pull load about 1,141x heavier than their own body weight

Image Source: Pexels,Image by: Stef Vanbroekhoven.

Scientists have named the almighty Dung beetle as the world`s strongest insect which can pull weight 1,141 times heavier than its own mass. This animal fact is equivalent to an average person pulling six fully loaded double-decker buses. The power of small but strong animals is not just for pulling dung balls. Male beetles prove their dominance in front of a female beetle by pushing any competing males out of the tunnel. They battle by locking horns and trying to push each other out of the female territory.

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2. Tardigrades- Can survive Radiation, Antarctic, and even Space

Image Source: PaleoEquiiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Our list of strong animals would be incomplete without the most resilient species on the planet. Ultimate survivor Tardigrades when fully grown are only about 0.5 mm long. Still, they have been found surviving on the top of Mount Everest to the deepest place in the ocean and from extremely cold Antarctica to the extremely dangerous Amazon rainforest. Tardigrades are species able to survive extreme conditions – such as exposure to extreme temperatures, extreme pressure up to 6,000 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level, air deprivation, solar radiation, dehydration, and even starvation.

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1. Mosquitoes-Responsible for 1 million human deaths every year

Mosquitoes biting human skin
Image Source: Pexels, Image by: Jimmy Chan.

Mosquitoes existed above 150 million years during the Jurassic period when dinosaurs existed. It is an undeniable fact that mosquitoes is one of the most powerful animal in the world have killed Zillions of people till now and are the greatest threat to mankind. This creature has a size less than a human fingernail and can spread 7 diseases out of which malaria is the deadliest. Thus mosquitoes are the smallest but most dominant creatures on our list.

Thus, we conclude our list here hope you liked our article on small but strong animals. Check other interesting information on our site.

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