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A 34-year-old guy from Lang Son felt a mysterious ache in his tummy, so he headed to the hospital. What Doctors found inside him left everyone astonished – a whopping 30cm eel swimming in his abdomen! It’s like something out of an adventure story!

The Medical Center in Hai Ha district, Lang Son, just had a jaw-dropping moment when they uncovered this bizarre surprise during an examination. Can you imagine finding an eel in your belly?

30 cm Eel found inside Vietnamese man abdomen

30 cm Eel found inside abdomen

On March 20, 2024, at 6:20 pm the Hai Ha District Health Center admitted a Vietnamese man from Lang Son. The patient was experiencing mysterious abdominal pain symptoms. This raised concern for Dr. Pham Manh Hung of Hai Ha District Medical Center and he suggested imaging techniques to see inside his body.

Doctors conducted ultrasounds and X-rays, discovering a foreign object causing serious issues in his abdomen. The mysterious object was causing complications of intestinal peritonitis and intestinal perforation.

a) Intestinal peritonitis

Intestinal peritonitis happens when the lining of your belly gets swollen and painful. It happens because of an infection or something poking a hole in your intestines. It can make you feel really bad with belly pain, fever, and throwing up. If you don’t get help for it, it can be very dangerous. This might need surgery to fix it and stop the infection from spreading.

b) Intestinal perforation

Intestinal perforation is when there’s a hole in your intestine, letting stuff from inside leak into your belly. It can happen because of injury, infection, or certain diseases. It’s really serious and can make you feel terrible with bad belly pain, fever, and throwing up. You need to see a doctor right away to stop it from getting worse. This will avoid causing dangerous complications like peritonitis or sepsis. Usually, surgery is needed to fix the hole and take out any infected parts.

Realizing the situation was serious; Dr. Pham Manh Hung decided to do surgery. The procedure was to remove the strange thing and fix the damaged intestines. But what they found during the operation was shocking—a live eel, 30 cm long, was hiding in the man’s abdomen.

The tricky surgery also meant cutting out parts of the intestines that were dying, which could cause a bad infection. However, the smart medical team managed to get the eel out and make the patient stable. After the surgery, the patient only felt a bit uncomfortable. Even though he’s doing better, doctors are keeping an eye on him to make sure he keeps getting better.

When they asked the man how the eel got inside his belly, he couldn’t explain. Doctors think the eel might have gone in through his bottom, chewed through the intestines, and traveled into the belly.

The fact that the eel was alive in the man’s body surprised everyone at the hospital, making them think of scenes from movies like Alien, where strange creatures burst out of people’s bodies.

Dr. Pham said in interview, “This is an uncommon occurrence. The bottom part is very dirty, and infections are a big worry. Luckily, the surgery worked well.”

Similar weird cases

A man was fishing for snails in a pond but a leech went inside his bladder through the pee hole. He tried everything to get it out but couldn’t, so he went to the doctor for help.

At the Northern Quang Nam Mountainous Region General Hospital, doctors examined him and found a leech over 9cm long inside his bladder, still alive and feeding on his blood. The man explained that he felt the leech enter him while he was fishing in the pond. Because he felt pain and saw blood when he peed, he decided to seek medical help.

Doctors warn that while it’s common for leeches to enter natural openings in the body, it’s very rare for them to reach the bladder. They advise people working in fields with deep, still water to be extra careful. Here leeches might enter their bodies and must go to the doctor immediately if any unusual symptoms arises.

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2) What is Paracentesis?

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