Ghost Shark underwater

A strange-looking shark that seems like it’s from a scary movie was found deep in the ocean. You usually find these creatures deep under the ocean, sometimes as far down as 14,500 feet. The new Ghost shark found in Thailand during a deep-sea survey conducted on 2018 in the Andaman Sea.

It’s a new type of ghost shark, also known as a Chimaera Supapea. These creatures are ancient fish and have been around for a very long time.

Ghost sharks belong to a group of very old fish called Chimaeriformes, which are distant relatives of sharks and rays. The discovery of this fish was published in a scientific journal called the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology.

What is Chimaera or Ghost shark?

Chimaeras are a type of fish that live in the deep sea and are different from sharks and rays. People sometimes call them “Ghost sharks” because they’re hard to find and look strange.

These fish have some special features that make them different from other fish. They only have one gill opening on each side of their head, while sharks have many.

They also have a sharp spine near their back fin that can be poisonous. Chimaeras have special organs in their nose that help them sense electricity in the water.

Chimaeras are usually found deep under the ocean, but some live in shallower waters. They have long bodies with flat heads and big fins that help them swim. Some chimaeras are small, but others can grow to be quite big.

These fish mostly hang out at the bottom of the ocean and eat small fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. They’re important for keeping the balance of their underwater environment.

There are not many known species of ghost sharks in the world, but this discovery makes 54. The new species was named after a Thai scientist who spent her life studying fish.

Chimaera Australis vs Chimaera Supapae

Chimaera Australis and Chimaera Supapae are two different species of chimaeras, also known as ghost sharks. While they belong to the same group of fish, they have distinct characteristics and habitats.

Chimaera Australis, is a known species found in the deep waters off the coast of southern Australia. It has a similar ghostly appearance to other chimaeras, with elongated bodies, flattened heads, and large pectoral fins. While its specific physical characteristics may vary, it shares common traits with other members of its species, including its habitat preferences and diet. Chimaera australis is likely to have been studied more extensively due to its longer history of discovery and documentation.

But Chimaera Supapae was recently discovered in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand. It has a massive head, giant iridescent eyes, and feathery fins. This species was named after a Thai scientist, Supap Monkolprasit, who studied fish. It’s relatively small, measuring about 20 inches in length, and was found at depths between 772 to 775 meters. Not much is known about its behavior or biology beyond its physical appearance.

Ghost Shark found in Thailand

Ghost sharks found in Thailand
Ghost sharks are mysterious creatures, found below depths of 1,640 feet. Photo: David A. Ebert

Ghost sharks are distant relatives of sharks and rays, and they’ve been around for about 400 million years. They’re like living fossils because they have many features that are similar to very old fish species.

This new ghost shark found in Thailand is a kind called a Shortnose Chimaera. It’s about 20 inches (51 centimeters) long with wide fins. The scientists think its frilly fins might help it move around rocky areas of deep sea.

The creature’s body is long and tapers towards a tail with a thin, wispy part at the end. Its head is medium-sized and its height is about a quarter of its body length, with a pointed, short snout. Its eyes are big and oval-shaped, located towards the back of its head. The mouth is small and its skin is smooth.

Its fins are wide and long, especially the front ones, which are almost a third of its body length. The fins near its belly are broad and shaped like paddles. The first fin on its back is long and narrow, with a straight spine taller than the fin itself. There’s a second fin on its back, not as tall as the first one but still long.

These ghost sharks can grow to be about 5 or 6 feet long. They have long bodies with big heads and eyes. Their bodies are covered in rough scales, and some have long tails. They eat different kinds of prey like fish, crabs, and clams.


But like many other deep-sea animals, people don’t know much about chimaeras, and they’re facing problems because of things like fishing and damage to their homes. It’s important to protect the places where they live to make sure they stay safe. These discoveries remind us that we still have a lot to learn about the deep sea and its creatures.

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