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Texas wildfires: 2nd biggest fire in US history blazing 1 million acre

Fires in Texas are causing a lot of damage, leading to a state of emergency in many counties.

Big fires are happening in the Texas Panhandle, putting towns at risk. People are being forced to leave their homes, and many places have lost electricity.

One fire near Amarillo, called Smokehouse Creek, has already burned a huge area and is hard to control. It's now the second-biggest fire in Texas ever.

The Texas wildfires are so bad that even a nuclear weapons plant had to stop its work & evacuate some people.

The wildfires are spreading fast, impacting the central & eastern parts of the Texas Panhandle of the US. 

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, declared a disaster in 60 counties and told people to be careful to avoid starting more fires.

One of the fires, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, has reached an estimated 850,000 acres and crossed into Oklahoma.

Another fire, the Windy Deuce Fire, has burned 90,000 acres. Many houses have been damaged, and several towns had to evacuate.

Five big wildfires in the Texas Panhandle have burned almost 1,000,000 acres of land, leading to people being told to leave, closing roads, and official emergency declarations.

The president is aware of the situation, and federal agencies are helping Texas. Schools are closed, and people are being told to be careful not to start any fires accidentally.

Everyone in the affected areas is being urged to stay alert and follow the advice of local officials, especially those told to evacuate.

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